We are not a one case solution!

Author: Gabriel on Jun 23rd, 2015 (30742 Views) comments: 0 Leave a comment

When you buy a gaming PC from our competitors or from a major big box store, it is always difficult to know what is inside the case. Sure, for the average user one of these generic computers will probably give them all the tools they need for web browsing, maybe playing a few games, and watching videos. Nevertheless, if you are a PC gamer or you plan to use your computer for demanding tasks like video editing, sound editing and more it is important that you have the right tools!

One case doesnt fit all when it comes to running some of the worlds most beautiful games. Often, you can get some of the worlds best computer components at some comparable prices to one of these fully assembled rigs, and with the help of our staff, we can build a custom PC that suits your needs. We offer more choice, more customization, and upgrades that can take your PC to the next level.

With the huge selection of choices in our catalogue, you can build a PC that is capable of running at resolutions of 4k and over 60 FPS, a PC that can run all of your most demanding applications, and a PC that will continue to run the hottest games for several years to come.

Our company is certainly not a one case solution and our experts can build PCs that suit a huge selection of needs. With advanced knowledge of every component we place in our custom builds, we can make recommendations for performance, budget concerns, and even upgrades!

Building a gaming PC doesnt have to break the bank and our experts are more than willing to help you order components that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. While our competition may continuously sell you a single case rig, assembled in a factory and placed in rows of thousands at retail location. We can build a PC thats built just for you!

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