The Nemesis Difference

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Greetings and welcome to Nemesis PC. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Gabriel Lugo, founder and owner of Nemesis PC. I wanted to take some time to explain to you about what Nemesis PC stands for as a company. When starting this company we understood the key aspects of what makes a PC gamer a gamer. They come together as a community, they thrive on being better than their opponents and to really show off their worth, they are supported by a powerhouse PC. We want to  build a community of gamers under one banner and one mission: Let those who fall before you online know you as a NEMESIS! To tone things down a bit, we also want you to feel like part of the family to myself and my staff so we can be involved in your Gaming life. So be sure to keep an eye on us as we host events, gaming competitions, and giveaways.

Owner of Nemesis PC

Gabriel Lugo

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