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"Maximum optimization of cooling and performance."


Imagine having an amazingly powerful system in a compact, easy to manage, gaming PC case. Let Nemesis PC?s Triton answer your call for a small form-factor system that takes into account all of your high-performance needs. Our precision battle-tested parts - optimized especially for the Triton - allow for more user space within a compact case. The Triton can be moved effortlessly and its small footprint means that it will fit almost anywhere.





Nemesis PC?s Triton small form-factor chassis are designed to be extremely efficient, keeping your gaming system running at optimum performance levels even with aggressive use of resource-intensive programs. Our expert water-cooling techniques go beyond conventional air-cooling and combined with our rigorous cable management system, they keep your personal computer cool, clean and operating at its optimum. The Triton takes up a fraction of the space of any other Nemesis PC system
Most surfaces of the Triton can be matched with a variety of customized paint options never seen in the custom computer industry until today; your Triton PC will be more than a system, it will be a work of art.





"Pure power and performance but just perfect for mobility."


Our systems:

Our custom computers represent the pinnacle of high performance. Uncompromising service, meticulous construction, and exceptional Quality & Performance testing ensures that our precision battle-tested parts will always perform at their optimum efficiency. Our rigorous cable management system maximizes airflow for greatest cooling capacity, and the cooling system delivers the ultimate performance experience to you, ensuring a competitive edge so that you can utterly dominate the opposition.


Paint options:

Almost every Nemesis PC system has the ability to be matched  with a variety of paint options Nemesis PC offers to you the option to have customized paint options like none that is found in the custom computer industry today. Your Nemesis PC gaming rig will no longer be a system, but a work of art.

Customization options:

Every Person has different needs, and every Nemesis PC can fulfill those needs with a wide selection of components. These options will grant you, the consumer - or future Nemesis - the ability to install custom parts to your system to ensure that it is truly tailor-made. Contact us; our Nemesis engineers will show you why we are at the top of our game.


Precision  Battle Tested Parts:

Every component is individually selected by our engineers; rigorously tested and retested to ensure optimum quality and reliability at crucial moments. Every Nemesis PC system is run through a grueling 48-hour test, ensuring that our top quality system can tackle any and every obstacle that you may face.


1. All Customers are V.I.P Whether you are a pro-gamer, graphic designer, engineer, audio and video professional or a large or small business owner; we provide the quality service you would expect from any high-end computer manufacturer.
2. Nemesis Quality First, every system is hand-built by our Nemesis engineers with a high level of craftsmanship. Second, we inspect every system, putting each one through a 72-hour stress test to ensure top performance at all times. Finally, we perform an additional quality re-inspection before final packing.
3. Precision  Battle Tested Parts Every component is individually selected by our engineers and then tested and retested to ensure quality and reliability.
4. Rigorous Cable Management We ensure that every wire and cable is properly secured and hidden to maximize your system's cooling performance.
5. NO 3rd Party Software All Nemesis PC systems have absolutely NO Bloatware installed.
6. Competitive Pricing All Nemesis PCs are competitively priced while still providing superior quality and performance.
7. Nemesis Personalization With a large selection of quality components and a variety of paint options, you can make yourself and your system the envy of your competition.
8. Built In The U.S.A Every Nemesis PC system is proudly manufactured in the United States of America.