Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. please remember to  pay for shipping or any taxes that your package incurs through customs. If you would like a shipping quote by calling customer support.


My system is out of warranty do I still get any support?

Yes, Even though your system may be outside of Nemesis PC warranty, some hardware inside your PC may still carry a manufacturer's warranty. We'll help you speak to those manufacturers should you decide to make repairs yourself.


I need to upgrade my system!

Nemesis PC gives the customer the ability to upgrade thru us or by anyone else for his or her system. The new product added or modified  unfortunately will not be covered under our warranty unless it was installed by Nemesis PC also any damage incurred by the upgrade not performed by us will not be covered.


Is it possible to upgrade to an extended warranty?

Yes, you can purchase an upgrade for the warranty within the first thirty days of purchase


Do I have to pay for shipping for warranty repair if I live outside the United States?

International customers are responsible for all charges relating to shipping of any replacements part or system needing repair.


How often should I refill my Liquid Cooling System?

The standard liquid cooling system will not require constant refills. But the Nemesis PC custom liquid cooling will need to be refilled at times. Please keep in mind that The liquid within the reservoir should always be above the halfway point never at the bottom of the reservoir.


I have no video signal what should I do?

First check all cable connections from your monitor to your system make sure they are not loose and properly connected.
Second confirm that you are not connecting the monitor to the onboard video output and are connecting the monitor to the video card.
Then on the monitor make sure to change between the input sources, most monitors will have the feature for selecting the input that the monitor is receiving a signal from. Make sure you have selected the proper input.


My computer is not functioning correctly what should i do?

First make note what you saw or heard, also shutdown the computer safely if possible..
Second contact customer service for steps to correct the problem.
Third if problems persist and you are currently under warranty an RMA number will be given to you.
Fourth ship the computer to us with a paper with a clearly labeled RMA number.


Where do I download my video drivers?

 NVIDIA video drivers downloads are from http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us please make sure to select the proper video card series.
 AMD video drivers downloads are from http://support.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDSupportHub.aspx please make sure to select the proper video card series.