Fallout 4 confirmed!

Author: Gabriel on Jun 4th, 2015 (35780 Views) comments: 0 Leave a comment


One of the most anticipated games of the year has been confirmed today with a launch trailer. Fallout 4 is being developed by Bethesda Softworks with more information incoming on June 14th. The developers are planning on revealing more about the game at E3 this year but looking at the trailer, it seems as though this really is a next gen version of fallout.

The game is being developed for multiple platforms including the PS4 and Xbox one as well as PC. Certainly the requirements for PC may match this game up with other demanding titles like The Witcher 3. The reason for these strict requirements will be the huge open world that Fallout developers have created. Players in the latest adaptation are rumoured to have full access to the city of Boston years after a nuclear blast ravaged the city. The graphics look as though they have been massively updated and it will be exciting to see the secrets that the game holds including the labyrinths of underground vaults that players can explore in the latest title.

While it does look like there have been many massive changes to Fallout as a whole, the game has kept much of the same aesthetic. The beautiful soundtrack remains in the trailer, some of the power armor is even featured alongside a vault member complete with a pip boy and a guide dog. We catch glimpses of some of the shantytowns to explore in the new game as well as some of the familiar enemies from the fallout series. It just goes to show that although the game world and graphics have been very much updated, the gameplay should feel very much the same.

We are excited about what the further June 14th announcements will have in store for the new Fallout. We also expect to see the same amazing gameplay that has made this series so wonderful. Just as the trailer says War, war never changes. We hope to return to the wastelands soon and test that theory.


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