Don't Rule Out PC Gaming

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When it comes to gaming today PC gaming is very much in demand. While there are millions of people purchasing new consoles and games every day, more and more users are using gaming PCs and enjoying the wide selection of gaming titles available exclusively on PC. Here's a rundown of some of the top aspects of PC gaming that have made it one of the most popular platforms for gaming across the world.

Indie titles: there are new indie titles being released almost every day on PC and unlike a console system that may update its titles weekly or have one major new release every few weeks, PC games are being released constantly and much more frequently than titles from major development companies. This means that many indie creators are creating titles and upgrading their favorite titles to generate new content constant.

Virtual reality: the adoption of virtual reality headsets and multiple aspects of accessory customization have given PC gaming a massive amount of appeal. People can wear VR headsets and use whatever controllers they feel most comfortable with and this puts the power back in the hands of PC gamers. If you don't like a console controller remember all the options that you can have with PC as well as the immersion that you can get from virtual reality.

Better graphics: any performance PC can blow the graphical capabilities of the leading consoles out of the water. If you love to play games in 4k resolution at 60+ frames per second the only way that you can get this kind of clarity and graphic resolution is on a PC.

Open source program and mods: Adding modifications to single player games is heavily encouraged online. You can create your own gaming experience and modify game elements to generate entirely new content.

Inexpensive: Once you have updated hardware purchasing digital games can be far less expensive than console titles. There are many ongoing sales through steam, origin and other sources that make PC anymore competitively priced and more accessible for a wide variety of games.

For all these reasons and more PC gaming is alive and well gaining worldwide popularity.


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