Building a high end gaming PC

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If you are in need of a gaming PC or performance work PC without compromise, Nemesis can build the rig of your dreams.

Software and new games are only becoming more demanding and PC gamers/enthusiasts are growing more demanding alongside new and ambitious software. If you need to have a computer that will play the hottest games and run demanding work based systems with ease, you need to experience the Nemesis Difference.

Having a top quality powerhouse PC can give you an advantage in running any type of software or videogame. You can get the full user experience as the developer designed it to be played. Imagine seamless framerates of  60+FPS with minimal lag and the ability to run any game on the highest settings!

With our gaming PCs we offer you full customization for all of your PC needs. Whether you need top end gaming computers or office systems that can handle the most demanding video/audio and image editing suites, we have the tools and the experience to ensure your success.

We can build PCs that will last for years to come as well as servers and other hardware systems that can meet the growing demands of your business or personal PC needs. At Nemesis PC, we want to build a community of gamers and satisfied customers who can have access to the best computer hardware on the market at reasonable prices.

IT is our goal to work together as a community and to help each of our clients to build the hardware that they need to experience PC excellence. We have built some of the most powerful gaming rigs in the world and we are well versed with the most powerful products on the market as well as some budget-friendly options that can help you to accomplish your needs.

If you have ever thought of building a custom PC to meet the growing demands of new PC games or your business, contact Nemesis. We can compare our rigs to store bought packaged PCs and your existing hardware so that you can experience the Nemesis difference.

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