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If you are selecting the top CPU for your computer, generally the two companies you need to rely on are Intel or AMD. While there are merits to using both CPU?s it is important to consider the pros and cons of each so that you can build a top notch PC for your needs.


Intel: When it comes to building a premiere gaming PC it is important to note that many of the top built systems by major gaming companies will always have an Intel inside. Although the difference in performance from a comparable component is very minimal there is a definitive difference when it comes to overclocking and with performance on certain applications.

And: For multiple core processes that draw quite equally across many cores an AMD processer may slightly edge out Intel on performance. While it doesn?t offer the same performance levels from single core operations AMD can usually help you find good performance and for less money than an Intel processor.


Intel: Intel is working on a new way to increase the performance through their manufacturing process. Through their focus on mobile technology and manufacturing, Intel is creating CPU that offer better battery life and reduction in heat.

AMD: The new innovation in AMD lies in the cores, specifically with Kaveri. This new innovation will integrate CPU and GPU cores. This will mean that any process may soon be able to run using its own memory space and completely independent from background processes. This alone is offering a 10% boost on performance levels from the top CPUs on the market. With further advancements, this new chip could raise performance levels above the Intel standard for high impact PC gaming.


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