Why you should upgrade your computer for the Witcher 3

Author: Gabriel on Jun 3rd, 2015 (36075 Views) comments: 0 Leave a comment

The Witcher 3: The wild Hunt is one of the most anticipated and highly rated games of the year. Part of the reason that it receives such a high rating is it is absolutely stunning gameplay that is enhanced when you can run the game on some of its higher settings. The Witcher 3 is a hyperrealistic NexGen RPG with a vast explorable world. The developer for Witcher really outdid themselves with the textures and environment in this game but as a result it's one of the most demanding on computer hardware. The game is scaled down quite considerably on the lower settings and for console play but PC gamers that want to get the ultimate experience in gaming may be interested to upgrade to one of todays gaming computers or get a few computer components of grade their rig to the demanding specifications for the Wild Hunt.

The wild Hunt will take at least 40 GB of free hard disk space as well as a Nvidia GTX 660 or above to run. The recommended CPU should be at least as I five with 3.3 GHz and 6 GB of RAM. On the highest settings, you will definitely need to have an advanced gaming PC. It's recommended that you get at least 8 GB of RAM with a 3 to 4 GB graphics card, high-quality CPU and more. The game can run at 60 frames per second and 1080 P and with some of the advanced hair and environmental settings turned up to high. It's at these settings that you start to really get immersed in the environment. The textures on monsters as well as the main characters hair get caught up in the wind and the shadows are absolutely mesmerizing.

If you really want to enjoy the ultimate experience with the Witcher 3 you need to upgrade your computer to unlock the true potential of the game. It is a work of art running on high with the potential to enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay and quests before the first DLC even drops.


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